Suffering With "Sciatica" and Worried It's Not Getting Better?

Last updated: 05-19-2020

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Suffering With

"I've been suffering with sciatica for 6 weeks now, and it's showing no signs of getting better.  It initially felt like a "tooth-ache" in the back of my hip, but now its shooting all the way down my leg.  I can't sit for longer than 10 minutes without severe pain.  Every time I try to bend over to tie my shoes or brush my teeth, the pain shoots down my leg to the point where I just want to cry"- Mina, 48 Livermore

What is sciatica, and why does it hurt so bad?

Sciatica is condition that develops from agitation and inflammation of your "sciatic nerve" which is the longest nerve in your body, that runs from your lower back all the way down your leg. 

The most common source of sciatica comes from a "herniated disc" (also known as a bulging disc, or slipped disc) in the back, which can compress the nerve root and shoot pain all the way down your leg.

My client, Mina had been struggling with back pain on and off for the past several months, but recently, due to the COVID situation, she, like many of us, had to make significant changes to her daily life. 

Changes such as:

As a result, her pain started to get much worse, to the point where she was struggling doing simple things around the house, such as getting out of bed, or putting on her pants. 

"Doctors told me I had a "herniated disc" at my L5-S1 vertebrae. They told me to rest, take muscle relaxants, and do stretches and exercises. Nothing has worked. I've tried stretching my hamstrings, sitting on tennis balls, and even tried an inversion table, but after a couple of weeks I just stopped doing everything because I was scared I was making my condition worse" 

Why was this happening??

You see, the "tricky" thing about sciatica is that it "feels" like a "muscle pull" that wants to be stretched.  But the thing is, the "tightness" is actually coming from a pinched nerve in your back...

And when you "stretch" that tight muscle, all you are doing is actually creating more tension on the system, and it overloads your back with stress.  And even though you might feel "temporary relief" from stretching, over the long haul you will actually make your injury worse. 

If stretching doesn't work, then what SHOULD I do for sciatica?

What you need to understand about sciatica, and "herniated discs" is that your body CAN heal from this condition, as long as you create the right conditions and environment so that it CAN heal. 

And in order to create this "environment" for healing, you cannot just focus on treating the "symptoms" of pain.  Instead, you must focus on fixing the underlying problems in your body that is at the SOURCE of  your pain. 

What do I mean by the SOURCE of pain?

You can choose to believe it or not, but everything in our body is "interconnected".  And for Mina, working with us through our "Virtual Back and Spine" rehabilitation program, we focused on 3 critical areas. 

Years of sitting at a desk created muscle tightness in the front of her hip, showing her the "right stretches" reduced her pain by 40% after the first week

2. Doing the right "core exercises"

Mina had been told that she needed to "strengthen her core", but the problem is, most of the exercises were hurting her back.  Instead, we showed her how to do the "right" exercises, properly, which helped her re-develop the strength in her core to support her back, and keep pressure off her disks

Since she has been working at home, her "ergonomic" set up has been less than ideal.  But making the right changes for her work-station has been critical for keeping her focused on her work, instead of her pain. 

And now after focusing on these 3 critical areas, within just 6 weeks, Mina's pain has reduced by 80%, but more importantly, her activity level around the house has significantly improved. 

"I was so scared in the beginning when I couldn't even get out of bed without help.  But now I can do everything I need to around the house and my pain has actually gone down.  In fact, I feel like if I keep doing this, my back is going to feel better than it has in years!"

Are you living with, or worried about someone suffering with "sciatica"?

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