Top Tips For Living With RSD/CRPS

Last updated: 04-14-2020

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Top Tips For Living With RSD/CRPS

You are likely well aware of how daily life can be negatively impacted if you or someone you know suffers from either Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (CRPS/RSD). While you can be told exactly what it is and your diagnosis, and be handed all kinds of resources, they won’t be able to prepare you or someone you know for the life-changing experiences that can result from it. It’s not because the doctor is looking to avoid telling you everything, it’s because a proper diagnosis can be very difficult and a lot of doctors might not be completely educated on all things it comes with.

There is no exact guide that can give you precisely how to cope with these conditions as every case is unique. That being said, there are certain tips that you can use in order to assist with coping with the changes and helping you maintain a good quality of living.

According to CPRS solicitors Increased stress and/or tension can make things much worse. This is primarily because the same systems that control stress levels are directly compromised when you suffer from these conditions. Thus, anything that increases stress in your body will only feed your condition and make the corresponding symptoms worse. Therefore, any stress management system that you find effective can be beneficial. These stress management systems include but are not limited to breathing exercises, getting enough sleep, and even getting any counseling you need. Simply trying to ‘tough it out’ isn’t going to work and having someone there you can talk to will help tremendously.

While you might not always be in the mood to get active, giving yourself moderate or even light exercise a couple of times every week is a good way to effectively limit your pain and to assist in strength retention. You want to incorporate daily things in your life like stretching, moderately paced walking, restorative therapies, and myofascial release. If you are looking to incorporate physical therapy into your routine you want to look for a therapist that has direct experience working with someone that has the same condition as they will be much better suited to offering you the best treatment.

Dealing with thepain symptoms that come with these conditions can be a struggle. Even something as simple as being in a moving car or sitting next to an air conditioning unit can increase your level of pain. Dealing with things like wind, fibration, or even changes in pressure due to weather fronts can intensify your pain. You need to be prepared to have even the slightest sensations to increase pain considerably. Usually, things that keep you on the warmer side of the spectrum can help with pain management. Because these conditions can result in reduced blood flow, anything that is going to increase your blood circulation can help you feel better. This includes turning up the temperature in your home, giving yourself a warm bath, or even taking a magnesium supplement to improve blood circulation.

While everyone should have a goal to eat healthy and balanced, choosing the right foods is even more important if you suffer from CRPS/RSD. Typically, you want to avoid any food that can result in decreased blood flow like coffee. Also, if you have any allergies to food, you will want to avoid them. Anything that can compromise your immune system should be avoided as it can worsen your condition.

One of the things that you should be doing is listening to your body. There might be times you might want to push your body, but you should avoid overdoing it. When you have CRPS/RSD, you need to pace yourself and learn that you are limited. Just because you feel good now doesn’t mean you will feel good if you continue to push yourself.

A lot of us have hobbies we enjoy and things that help us feel fulfilled. Living with any kind of chronic pain is something that is going to take control of your life if you allow it to. By finding something to keep your mind busy and to give your life meaning, you should be able to effectively reduce the impact that CRPS/RSD can have on your life. You will be able to keep your mind off of the pain you are experiencing and allow yourself to get lost in things that will help you deal with the condition in a much healthier way. Try to do things like challenge yourself to puzzles or even play some challenging mobile games to distract yourself from the pain when it hits. Giving yourself something that can keep your mind busy is a great way to limit the pain from taking over your mind and your life.

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