Fibromyalgia – What’s that? Find out where to find relevant information

Last updated: 05-14-2020

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Fibromyalgia – What’s that? Find out where to find relevant information

In my own words….

Fibromyalgia is an undetermined Chronic Pain Disorder made up of a variety of physical, mental, and, nerve type symptoms, and its sufferers are in constant pain even when they’re smiling at you ????

We endure a combination of symptoms and illnesses not just chronic pain and these symptoms are discussed in the section of the site called ‘Simply Symptoms’.

(Causes and Symptoms of Fibromyalgia are discussed in separate sections of the site.)

From what I have read, the Medical Professional experts & researchers cannot decide if it is a type of arthritic disease, genetic, auto-immune disease, (CNS)or (ANS) Central /Autonomic Nervous System disorders, just to name a few for example, or, even a combination of them.

Some don’t even believe that it actually exists and that it is a type of psychosomatic disorder which develops after enduring trauma of some kind.  It is this attitude that makes Fibromyalgia invisible, among other things, and a reason to campaign for it to be recognised as real.  ????

Trauma is said to be one of the main factors behind Fibromyalgia, but it all depends on how you interpret ‘Trauma’, and also what context you take it in.  Trauma can be deciphered in many ways with key referencing to physical and psychological reasonings.  However, none of that is scientifically discussed or referenced for this particular post.

The information below is gathered from my favourite medical info HOTSPOTS and between them they can tell you a lot about Fibromyalgia as an illness and what it is!  ????

‘Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition of widespread pain and profound fatigue. The pain tends to be felt as diffuse aching or burning, often described as head to toe. It may be worse at some times than at others. It may also change location, usually becoming more severe in parts of the body that are used most.’ This article has been extracted from the free Information booklet that FMA UK provides. To have this information presented in a professional A5 booklet, as well as the other articles please request one from the office.

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All my fave Fibro Medical Hotspots imply that Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder which is characterized by pain throughout much of the body and can, then,‘in my opinion’, be referred to as a being a ‘Chronic Pain Disorder’.  Whether it is a Neurological, Rheumatological (or combination of both), or an Auto-Immune Disorder is still wide open for debate.

One thing for sure is that all my fave Medical Info HOTSPOTS agree that it is a REAL condition and a Chronic one at that!

I think that our CNS does have a role to play after reading D Clauw’s recent research studies and ‘Central Sensitisation Syndrome’ or ‘Pain Amplification Syndrome’ are good names/analogies, which some people say are other alternatives of what fibromyalgia should be called.  Please find a link at the end of this post

I also like the idea of it stemming from the nerve endings in our hands too, which you can also find a link for at the end of the post.

Personally, I believe my own fibrmyalgia to have stemmed from all the sublaxations of joints, sports injuries and numerous falls that I’ve had over the years, and also the over extension of varying joints due to my Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHS), which is a genetic collagen / Connective tissue disorder.  Just because my JHS is genetic does not mean that so is my Fibro!  Taking into account that and the fact that fibro means fibres I am forced to personally think that ‘connective tissue disorder’ is ‘connected’ there somehow, please excuse the pun  ????  However, I’m no medical scientist / medical researcher / medical professional, so I can’t tell you that is what fibro is! ????

One thing I ask all of you to do is to remember that we are all different with differing illnesses and genetic make-ups, meaning none of us are the same so how our fibro affects us will be different even the way it is treated and looked at.

The exact cause or exact type of disorder Fibromyalgia… is still unknown!

Link to find out about what makes a genetic disorder

Link to find out ‘What is the definition of Inflammatory Disease / Inflammation’?, via website:

Is it an undiagnosed kind of Thyroid disease? – Please visit ThyroidUK (TUK) for all thyroid related questions as I am not well read in the subject matter and there they will be better placed to answer your Questions ????

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