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Managing Trigeminal Neuralgia in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Last updated: 07/26/2020

Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is the most frequent type of facial pain, with a worldwide incidence ranging from 12.6 per 100,000 annually to 27 per 100,000 annually. TN is usually...

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Vitamin D and Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy: The Research Continues

Last updated: 07/08/2020

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) is a common complication of type 2 diabetes, affecting up to 50% of patients and often resulting in foot and hand muscle weakness, balance...

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The pain management revolution amid coronavirus and the opioid crisis

Last updated: 07/06/2020

In a country plagued by the opioid crisis, the race is on to find novel solutions for managing pain. One in five Americans experience some sort of chronic pain. Opioids are...

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Comparing Scoliosis in Adults and Children

Last updated: 07/04/2020

Scoliosis is a lifetime condition. It is sometimes described as a diagnosis that patients carry “from cradle to cane.” People with scoliosis in early childhood through the end...

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5 Lower Back Pain Treatments that Work | Pain Resource

Last updated: 06/28/2020

Back pain can happen all of a sudden, or can slowly creep up over time. It can be caused by major impact, like a car accident or work injury, or can come about from years of...

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Promising Early Results from High-Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation Study

Last updated: 06/25/2020

An ongoing study of high-frequency spinal cord stimulation for painful peripheral diabetic neuropathy is producing promising early results. This research may provide an...

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Treatment Method for Solving All of Your Aches and Pains - Adams PT

Last updated: 06/20/2020

Whether you have recently started waking up with generalized aches and pains, or suffering from chronic pain for a long time, physical therapy has been proven to be the best...

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Researchers reveal neural mechanisms underlying opioid analgesia

Last updated: 06/17/2020

A new study published in eLife by researchers from Dr. Sun Yangang's Lab at the Institute of Neuroscience, Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology...

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Diabetes, Glycemic Control, and Pain Management in Patients with Osteoarthritis

Last updated: 06/17/2020

Clinicians are aware that diabetes mellitus (DM) and osteoarthritis (OA) often co-exist, but they may be unaware that the link is not necessarily through body weight. Although...

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Piecing Together the Puzzle of Chronic Low Back Pain

Last updated: 06/14/2020

The human back is a complex structure with bones, nerves, tendons, discs, and more — all places where something can go wrong and cause pain, which, for many people, becomes a...

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